Link: Top 10 Things Pastors Would Like to Hear from Their People

In case you didn’t know it, pastors are insecure. They look and sound confident when they get up in front of everyone, but they often struggle with depression and the constant wondering if they are making a difference. When was the last time you complimented your pastor or let him know he was doing a good job?

Over at, Hal Seed posted an article today, “Top 10 Things Pastors Would Like to Hear from Their People.” Most of them are far-fetched. Some of them are honest hopes and dreams. (I hope you can tell the difference.)

I won’t post them all, but I will share a couple of my favorites.

8. “The President’s secretary called. He wants you to do the Invocation for his inauguration. He told me he thinks you’re the next Rick Warren.”

6. “Zondervan just called. They want to make your latest sermon series into a book. They’re pretty sure it will be a best-seller.”

4. “You’re the godliest man I know.”

2. “Every member of my family has come to Christ now, thanks to you.”

You can read the full list by clicking here or the article title above.

Talk Back

What do you think your pastor needs to hear from your congregation? What might you stop and tell him after service tomorrow?

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