I have a dream to see the church be the Church, for leaders to empower people, and for every one to find out who God has created them to be and what He has gifted them to do.

The posts on this blog cover many topics about Christian living and life. Much of my ministry has involved leading in worship, so I talk about it from time to time. Because I love to read, you’ll also find book reviews and a panel showing you what I’m reading now.

My Details

I have led in the church since I started leading worship at the age of 14. Recognizing a call on my life to ministry, I attended Zion Bible College, graduating in 1999. I served in the role of youth and assistant pastor from 2001 until the summer of 2010, when I was blessed to take the reins of Gateway Assembly as lead pastor.

Having a tendency to think a lot, I end up writing those thoughts down. In addition to this blog, I have written two books, Worship Theory and The Story of Christmas.

My wife and I met at Zion and have two beautiful girls.

Contacting Me

You are always welcome to share your thoughts here on the blog, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.