Hi, I’m Chris

Thanks for coming in to my website. Whenever I read, my goal is to be encouraged and challenged as I continue to grow. I hope you find the posts and resources here do the same for you.

Originally from the great state of Minnesota, I now live on the coast of Fundy Bay in New Brunswick, Canada. I have a wonderful wife, two daughters, two cats, and a dog.

What I Write About

I’m an average human going through regular struggles while trying to follow Jesus and be true to my calling. This leads my writing towards three main topics:

  • Christian Living. Christianity is more than religion for me. It is the lens through which I view the world and guide I try to live by.
  • Faith. Beyond my Christian life, I think and talk a lot about Jesus and the Bible. These posts are more about the head and heart.
  • Ministry. I’m an ordained minister who has served in various pastoral and ministry roles, from Sunday School teacher to worship leader to lead pastor. I love the church and want to help others become better ministers, whether they are volunteer helpers or full-time pastors.

Let’s Stay Connected

While most action happens around here on the website, you can also find me at these other online locations: