Worship Theory: Laying a foundation for corporate and individual worship

Price: $12.99 (paperback)

Worship is often overlooked as a spiritual discipline, partly because it is often misunderstood. It affects your relationship with God and reveals what we believe about Him. Learn key elements of what worship is, and how to develop a lifestyle of worship.

Published 2008
208 Pages

Splitsville: A kingdom torn apart (ebook)

Price: $3.99

The ancient kingdom of Israel, God’s chosen people, split in two after the death of King Solomon. Learn about the individual struggles of those who pushed it to happen, examine the personal choices that could have kept it all from happening, and avoid making the same mistakes in our lives.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit (ebook)

Price: $3.99

There is a promise in Scripture for an experience of God that revolutionizes the life of the Christian believer. It is often promoted but rarely explained. This study of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit answers common questions and provides a theological basis for the Baptism, its evidence and its purpose.