Splitsville: The division of the nation of Israel

Splitsville thumbGod chose His special people, Israel, and delivered them from slavery. He gave them the Promised Land, and declared that one king’s dynasty would never end. But when his grandson took the throne the nation was on the edge of a terrible fall, Israel quickly found itself split into two nations.

It appeared suddenly but the warning signs had come for generations. This was not just a young king’s error in judgment. There is enough blame to go around. And the scars that came that day drove God’s people further and further apart.

Splitsville takes a look at the schism of the nation of Israel as it appears in the book of 1 Kings. Discover the ripples of division through the generations. Learn about the individual struggles of those who pushed it to happen. Examine the personal choices that could have kept it all from happening.

This Bible study is written in six parts. It was originally shared as midweek Bible study over six sessions.

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