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2 Reasons the Messiah was Rejected

The Death of the Messiah wasn’t a spur of the moment turn of events. It didn’t come out of nowhere and take everyone by surprise. Two groups were involved in the condemnation of the Messiah. Both rejected the Messiah for their own reasons. These two reasons for Jesus’ death are simple, and they can creep into our own lives if we aren’t watching and guarding our hearts.

cross and crown of thorns

There are few who would ever choose to lay Jesus on a cross and nail Him to a tortuous death. Yet the danger still lies nearby that we would reject His rule in our lives. So let’s look at these Two Reasons for Rejecting the Messiah, and search our hearts to push out any sign of them.

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The LIFE Offered by the Resurrection (Audio)

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection is proof that His word and promise are true, and a seal and guarantee of our eternal life if we believe in Him. Yet Jesus also offered a different way of life for the days we walk on this Earth. He offered us abundant life (John 10:10).

2013-03 Easter t

Jesus offers us this LIFE and makes it possible in the power of God that raised Him from the dead. There are four elements of this LIFE. When one or any combination of these elements is weak or failing, our remains less than abundant.

  • Liberty
  • Intimacy
  • Fellowship
  • Empowerment

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