Laws of Worship Leading | The Foundation

When we approach worship from a musical standpoint, which I take some time developing in Worship Theory, we open a sort of Pandora’s Box. At first it looks simple and easy, but in reality there are far more complications that arrive at choosing this one box and opening it, than if we had chosen a different route.

One reason for this is that the facets of music are truly innumerable, and the depth to each is nearly unfathomable. For almost as long as man has walked the earth, he has striven to express himself through music. Over the course of milennia, this has served to both deepen and broaden what music is.

When we as worship leaders stop to ponder what we’ve walked into, it should both humble and frighten us. Unfortunately, it rarely has a chance to stir either emotion for us. We’re too busy doing what we do to stop and consider what other implications there might be as we throw our hats into the musical realm.

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Laws of Worship Leading | The Audience

To be a worship leader, you must take into consideration some basic rules of leadership.  If you lead worship and haven’t taken the time to read a few books or view DVDs about leadership, it would do you a lot of good to do so.  Now, I’m not promoting any authors or works, but I am promoting leadership development.

One of these basic rules is that if you call yourself a leader and no one is following you, then you aren’t leading.  This leads me into the Law of the Audience.

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Laws of Worship Leading | the Conductor

Our church is currently working through a new adult home group / discipleship program that involves teaching the same courses in four sessions throughout one year.  I’m currently in the middle of my second session, teaching from “Worship Theory.”  In my current session, I suddenly find myself referring to information that I started when I began the book project; information on worship leading.

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“Worship Theory” now available

I finally received the final proof of my book, Worship Theory.  After this morning, the book is available for purchase through the Touch the Skye Storefront at

Worship Theory does not take a position regarding the contemporary-traditional-blended debate.  Instead, these theories were developed to encourage deeper consideration, further study, and a more personal application to worship.  It makes what the Bible says about worship – how it relates to the individual, his/her attiudes and life, God, and the church – the focus for that study.

The “Theory of Philosophy” chapter will remain available on this site as a free preview download.

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Worship “Litmus Test”

In a post entitled A help for struggling worship leaders, I mentioned that a worship blogger was working on a book, and that he asked worship leaders to give him input on their “greatest challenges”.  One comment on that blog was, “…is there a way to determine if people actually worshiped rather than were entertained? My goal is to point them to Christ and help enter into God’s presence, but how do we know if we have been successful?”  I alluded that the answer to this question is found in your Philosophy of Worship.  Let’s jump in from there.

It sounds really complicated and scary when you talk about developing a Philosophy of worship.  Let’s face it, so many of us are wondering about what to do, where to go, who to talk to for today; and then we worry about our future and how we can walk in God’s perfect will for our lives, and how to build the Kingdom, and if we’re growing closer to Him or not… Do we really have time to stop and think about, to sit down and “develop” a philosophy of worship?  Hasn’t someone written a book on that and given me all the answers, Cliff Notes style, so I can read/memorize them once and move on to the next thing?

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Choosing Songs

Let’s start thinking about and discussing worship and worship leading, shall we?  I mean, let’s get past all the “theory” talk for a while and really get into the meat of it.

Of course, this is going to take some effort from you, the readers.  As of today there are 516 hits to this site, but a total of 17 comments to all of my posts.  So c’mon, gang, let’s get serious.  Let’s talk.  I’m know you don’t want to just hear my ramblings.

Let’s start with something basic to get the channels open.  Here’s the day’s question: How do you choose your songs?

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