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“Worship Theory” Excerpt

My latest posts have only strengthened by desire to get Worship Theory into the hands of worhipers, worship leaders, church leaders and pastors.  There isn’t a single person who lifts their hearts to God that would not be encouraged and challenged by the concepts in this book.

Unfortunately, the publishing community is not quick to snatch it up.  So I have decided to give you the opportunity to read one of the chapters.

The Theory of Philosophy is now available for download as an Adobe Acrobat file.  You can download it [HERE], or you can find it on the Writings page.

If you would, leave a comment on this post or on the Writings page after you’ve read the chapter.


2 thoughts on ““Worship Theory” Excerpt”

  1. Good thoughts… good conversational tone and easy to read.

    I’ll have to admit, were I to have the book in my hands I’d be headed for the table of contents about now to see where you’re going. 😀

    I’ll be interested to read more!


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