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Blessed are the Pacesetters (2)

You might be wondering why I haven’t expounded on the Pacesetters yet. The truth is, I want to make sure that I word everything just right.

While clearing up my thoughts for the next post, I received my monthly email from the Catalyst team. (I sign up for a vast array of e-mail newsletters since I can’t exactly sit and browse for hours with dial-up. Also, I get to keep the headlines and links for future reference.)

Here I found a post by author and pastor Larry Osborne entitled, “Is it a Sin to be Average?

This helps set the stage further for my coming comments. As a pastor he was frustrated when he found that so many in the church unwilling to step up and fill the shoes of the leader, to be counted and lead and bring others along with them. They were content to be on the sidelines.

But some of them had such a sincere faith, a true Christ-like spirit and deep spirituality that it floored his ingrained thinking towards the role of the members of the Body of Christ.

Anyway, this isn’t exactly where I’m going with my thoughts on Pacesetters, but wanted to pass it on to you as one last teaser.



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