“Hip 2B Holy” on Global TV

I’ve seen it now four times. Today our church leadership used it to kick off our monthly CAST Meeting. Many don’t even know what it is. Did you see it?

This past Monday night Global TV (a network here in Canada) broadcast a documentary on evangelical Christianity in Canada. Through the magic of PVR/DVR, I was able to go to bed at a decent time and still catch this message that is helping to shape the view of evangelicalism for the masses in Canada.

I have to admit that I turned the program on with a bit of hesitancy. Coming from the United States, I’ve rarely seen an objective, positive documentary on Christianity. So far my experience in Canada hasn’t helped calm my nerves when approaching such a documentary. For those pastors or church leaders that are hesitant to even view the program, let me lay your concerns to rest.

The program follows the story of the three groups for about 9 months: (1) a youth pastor from the Toronto area, (2) a Presbyterian church in Barrie, Ontario, and (3) a dating couple in the church where the guy professes to be an athiest.

They also take the time to “compare” Canadian evangelicalism with American evangelicalism. At no time is the program judgmental, harsh, or editorial. You will be shocked at its generous protrayal of Christianity in Canada.

To view the video in a group setting will get people talking.  If nothing else, it will getting you thinking about what you are doing. What are you willing to adjust to reach a world that is not walking through the doors of your church? What are you willing to stand up for?

One of my favorite elements in the program is the dialog with Pastor Carey Nieuwhof. He is a serious thinker about current events. He has taken the time to consider what he is trying to accomplish and what God is not willing to compromise, while putting the message in a package appealing to the community. You can read his blog at

Today I tried to find more information about the program on the Global TV website. If you do a search for “Hip 2b Holy” you will find out there are no results on the site. Nor can you find anything about Global documentaries. Maybe I’m just not using the right search terms, but it almost looks like the network is distancing itself from the program.

If you haven’t seen the program, Carey Nieuwhof’s website has some information on how to get your hands on it. It is worth seeing.

Have you seen “Hip 2B Holy”? I’m interested to hear your comments. Please feel free to comment below.


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