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The Christian Atheist

One thing I do a lot of is reading. I also like to put book reviews here on this site. I don’t usually do what I’m doing here, though, and that’s talking about a book that has just hit shelves, and I haven’t read it yet.

“The Christian Atheist” is written by Craig Groeschel, pastor of multi-site and internet church, Life Church ( In the promotional material I’ve seen online today, Craig calls himself a “recovering Christian Atheist”. At the bottom of the post you can watch a promo by Craig on the book.

The concept for “The Christian Atheist” is that an overwhelming percentage of North Americans claim to be Christian. But do they really live as if they believe God exists and salvation is found in Christ? We hear it, read it, repeat it, but are those who profess Christ (“Christians”) who live as though God does not exist (“atheists”)?

My Dad told me about a book he picked up by a popular author. He started reading it and almost put it aside because it challenged and convicted him. I expect “The Christian Atheist” to have the same effect on us as we read it. Of course, if we can’t be convicted by the truth, we’ve got a deeper problem, right? Not everyone goes looking for a challenging word, but I think we as the people of God might want to start.

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