Canada Day Prayer

Today I had the immense privilege of opening our local Canada Day celebrations in prayer.  If you missed it or are just plain curious, here it is:

Heavenly Father,

We turn our eyes to You today,
Who showers us with blessings,
giving us life and breath.
It is by Your grace that we celebrate Canada’s Dominion Day.
You bless us with many freedoms,
You protect us from many dangers,
and You cause the world to look upon our nation with favour.

You are good, O Lord,
and You have been good to us.
Help us to see,
help us to appreciate,
all of the goodness You have shown this land and its people.

We come to You today with joy
and with thankfulness,
but also with humble hearts.
We pray for the leaders of our nation,
from the halls of Parliament
and the chambers of the Supreme Court of Canada,
even to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II;
For every representative,
from every corner of this land,
regardless of political persuasion;
From the office of the Prime Minister in Ottawa,
to our own mayor, here in St. George.

For them we pray Wisdom
that they may have eyes to see the right path;
We pray Courage
that they would embrace and take that path;
When the path is difficult
we pray Patience and Strength to endure.
Let their hearts be humble
to serve Your people with Honour.

We pray for the valiant men and women
serving this land in the Canadian Forces.
Keep them safe
and give them success.
Bring them home to loved ones
and a hero’s welcome.

Father God,
as this flag rises to its place today,
let Canada rise in favour with You.
Shine Your love and grace upon us,
from the northern snows to the Great Lakes,
and from Vancouver to Grand Manan.
Continue to bless and protect us;
keep Canada glorious and free,
a lighthouse of Your greatness.

We pray these things in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus,