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Aftermath: A new album and new perspective on the Christian life

"Aftermath", the new album from Hillsong United, is now available. I have personally watched and waited since Christmas for this album. Still, you don’t really know what to expect when you go from a Live recording (their last one was Across the Earth/Tear Down the Walls) to a Studio recording. It is always a bit different. And I was also intrigued by the album title.

Joel Houston talks about the new album and the journey that it was creating it. He also gives an explanation for the "Aftermath" title. I’ve added that video below, along with a couple of thoughts triggered by it.

A key thought that I ran away with from the video was how we should be affected by the Aftermath of Jesus’ birth, of God being made flesh and now being Emmanuel, God with us.

We usually use the term "aftermath" when we talk about some great time of devastation; earthquakes, floods, or a nuclear explosion. Maybe we should consider Aftermath from this Christian perspective. I think so many of us go to church, worship at church or home or in the car, read the Scriptures and pray, but there is no Aftermath, no fallout, no life-shaking result from our encounter with God.

Jacob limped. Zechariah lost his voice. Isaiah fell on his face. Lazarus rose from the dead. What will your encounter with God do to you?

Thanks to Joel Houston and the United team for this great concept. I just might have to borrow it.

Find the album wherever you get your Christian music, your local bookstore, music store, and iTunes.