Book Reviews

Book Brief: “Outlive Your Life” by Max Lucado

What will you be remembered for in life? Will it be the hours you worked? The number of proposals or presentations you made at work? The way you kept your lawn or the cleanliness of your house? Maybe it’s your bowling score or your ability to quote baseball statistics. How many of these things will really outlast your physical life?

“Outlive Your Life” begins with an amazing parable of a man whose life impacted a small culture. His impact outlasted him, and served as his legacy.

With our lives we have the ability to impact our world, our communities, our churches, our world. We have opportunities laid before us each and every day. Some of these require a lot of effort, others just require us to step into what God has prepared for us. But leaving a legacy doesn’t mean making a name for ourselves. We have to watch out that we are not seeking to promote ourselves instead of seeking to serve God.

Max is also sure to remind us that we are not just to be out being busy, doing activity and leaving it there. In the chapter, Pray First; Pray Most, he reminds us about the special promises regarding prayer.

The message of this book is one I have echoed myself over the years. As usual, Max is always on point, full of stories and anecdotes. If you enjoy Max’s work, you will not be disappointed. It is an encouragement for the average Christian to make an impact on many realms of society, each in our unique way.