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Book Brief: “Unconditional?” by Brian Zahnd

zahnd_unconditionalToday’s Christians really have little understanding of the concept of forgiveness. The scars of unforgiveness mark our individual souls, as well as the collective histories of our churches.

In “Unconditional? The call of Jesus to radical forgiveness,” Brian Zahnd provides a challenge to those who call themselves Christian. He paints a biblical portrait of radical forgiveness. It is an end to personal vengeance. It is the key to peace in this world. It is not forgetting, but releasing. It is not cheap justice or weakness. It is the beauty that saves the world. Forgiveness is not easy. It is the cross of Christ that we are called to bear.

You will be challenged by “Unconditional?” You will also be deeply enriched by the theology in the later chapters. It seems as if Zahnd strays from the topic of forgiveness, but his words are so rich that you will not be able to put this book down.


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  1. The result will be a forgiveness of the sin by God and by each other.. point is that there is forgiveness and we should make every attempt to steer a straying church member back to a right relationship.

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