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New FREE Resource: “See”

Our church began studying the Seven Churches of Revelation in the Spring of this year. The study has grown and continued with great discussion, enthusiasm and interest. In fact, we are still studying the first three chapters of Revelation.

The first part of our study was a look into the vision of Jesus in Revelation One. Too often we jump straight to Chapters Two and Three when we talk about the churches. Jesus’ appearance in Chapter One was meant to impact the readers of the letters, showing Him in power and position at the right hand of the Father’s throne.

To help those who missed portions of the teaching and to introduce others to the exalted, victorious Jesus, you can now download this portion of our Seven Churches study for FREE in the ebook resource, “See: John’s Vision of the Risen Jesus.” Discussion questions appear within the study to help with personal or group study.



You can find more downloadable resources on our FREE DOWNLOADS page.


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