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Book Review: “Redeeming Church Conflicts”

RedeemingChurchConflictsGod, in all of His wisdom, gave the world His Church. We are one Body made up of many members, saved by the same faith, united by the Holy Spirit. He gave leaders and gifts to the Church to help it grow and minister to each other and the world. And yet there is one element of church life that can destroy all that God desires to accomplish through this Body: people.

I have often said that the church is made up of people, and where people are involved things get messy. Conflict is a part of church life. It doesn’t take twenty years of church membership to know this is true. Unfortunately, though we know conflict exists in the church, we usually go on without knowing how to deal with it, solve it, and move on in our walk with Christ together. Yet there is more to conflict than just “dealing it.” We have the ability to redeem conflict and come out of it healthier, closer to God and each other.

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Book Brief: “I am a Follower” by Leonard Sweet

I normally love Len Sweet’s writings. They are thought-provoking, fresh and challenging. “I am a Follower” is the first book of his that I was truly disappointed with. In fact, I couldn’t even finish it.

For months the book has traveled back and forth from the office, all around the rooms of my home, and I cannot bring myself to even pick it up again. This is, in part, because the book has brought up strong feelings for me.

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Book Review: “Every Leader’s Everest” by Jim C. Molloy

molloy_everyleaderseverestAs a leader, do you know what your greatest struggle is? Various answers may be running through your head. “Getting people to follow.” “Knowing how to make good decisions.” “Coming up with some kind of vision or direction for the people I lead.”

While all of these are genuine concerns, they are not your greatest struggle. It is not an external force, but an internal one; one that lies within you and threatens all that you hope to accomplish. Jim Molloy reveals the worst enemy of leadership in “Every Leader’s Everest.”

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Book Review: “Our Last Great Hope” by Ronnie Floyd

ImageBeing a Christian is really an amazing privilege. Too often we take for granted that God has sent His Holy Spirit out to us and gathered us into His family. We heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and responded. Our lives will never be the same.

Now that we have found Christ, what do you think we should be doing? What do you believe is the most important task we can spend our lives, our new lives?

Pastor Ronnie Floyd reminds us what that task is in “Our Last Great Hope.” And if it has been a while since you heard the message, his passionate plea to recommit yourself to fulfilling it is a must read.

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E-Book Review: “Hanging Up the Leisure Suit”

What did your church do for Easter this year? Was it the same sort of program, if not the same program that they did last year? Does your midweek adult Bible study service look the same as it did fifteen, twenty, or thirty years ago?

Don’t get me wrong, if something that your church does works and has great results year after year, it may only need the occasional tweak to keep it effective. But many of us are repeat offenders. We repeat, repeat, repeat, and we keep on doing repeating, with no end in sight, just like this run-on sentence, and with no results, because we are just plain stuck.

If you think you might be stuck or if you’re are confident that you are, there is hope for you. Tony Morgan just released the second installment in The Leisure Suit Series of free e-books: “Hanging Up the Leisure Suit.”

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Book Review: “With” by Skye Jethani

Is it your desire to connect with and honor God? Do you strive to know Him and hope for Him to be real in your life? How would you feel if you were told that the way you are seeking after God may not be working because you aren’t going about it the way that works.

God wants us to be with Him, but all too often we fall into the trappings of a different way of relating with Him. In With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God, Skye Jethani (senior editor of Leadership Journal) challenges us to identify which of four postures we currently relate to God from, and return to the heart of being with Him.

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