“Hip 2B Holy” on Global TV

I’ve seen it now four times. Today our church leadership used it to kick off our monthly CAST Meeting. Many don’t even know what it is. Did you see it?

This past Monday night Global TV (a network here in Canada) broadcast a documentary on evangelical Christianity in Canada. Through the magic of PVR/DVR, I was able to go to bed at a decent time and still catch this message that is helping to shape the view of evangelicalism for the masses in Canada.

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RE: Spiritual Gifts

Do you remember the excitement of the discover of what you were meant to do? In ministry we call it the divine call. All of us, though, through our talents, passions and other factors, are designed by God to fulfill a particular purpose. Most of us won’t get the opportunity to fulfill that purpose as our livelihood, but we can all come to the place where we get to aplly our gifts towards a holy passion in our hearts.

Over the past six weeks I’ve found myself on a journey of rediscovery. While I tend to read an awful lot and have a tendency toward learning that way, I’ve been exposed to some video teachings that have caused me to pause and reflect, leaving the books I’ve been reading lying around the house, unopened for days at a time.

One of the topics I’ve been chewing on is one that I had wanted to write about in the past. I had several thoughts going through my mind then and couldn’t really figure out how to go about it. Now I think I’m ready to tackle it. That topic is Spiritual Gifts.

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In Case You Ever Wondered . . .

YouTube is an amazing tool on the internet. Not only does it showcase commercials, homemade video messages, and various other videos, it is a vast platform to spread a message. I ran across one of these messages while looking for a TV spot to open this Sunday’s sermon.

Sometimes we wonder why the doors of our church only let visitors in once. Why don’t they come a second time? Is it something we’re doing, or not doing?

This video, by the Beyond Relevance guys, is a peek into the answer to that question.