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Blood Moon Disappointment: What happens when hope for Christ’s return gets misdirected

Millions of Christians woke up this morning and turned on their favorite news outlets. Televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets tuned their signals to see if any news came out of Israel overnight.

The spark that created this firestorm was a heavenly event. In the sky early this morning was a rare occurrence, a full moon eclipse. What makes this lunar eclipse extra special is that it comes on the Jewish holy day of Passover, the celebration of God’s deliverance from centuries of slavery in Egypt.


But the reason that all of this spurred so many to check their news this morning was the startling appearance that such an eclipse makes in the sky. From a bright, white, full moon the Earth’s only natural satellite gradually turns red as the Earth’s shadow passes over it. Some call it a “blood moon”. And there are many who hoped that this happening would spark an event that would signal the closeness of the return of Jesus Christ.

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Moses & Antichrist: An end-times deception?

End-times prophecy is a powerful “hot button” in the Church. Some people don’t want anything to do with it because it scares them to death. Others surround their entire existence around it. My own approach is mixed. I’m no end-times expert, but I know that it is valuable. Still, I believe that we need to learn to live for Christ according to the Word of God in our current day or we will have little hope in the darker days of mankind.


In those times when I stumble upon something I’ve never heard shared about end-times, I feel like it is a good idea to pass it along. So I wrote a short essay about one of my recent discoveries. When we take the description of the world’s second greatest villain (Satan being the first), and put it next to some verses from the Old Testament, there is the possibility for an incredible deception.

It is best to read the entire article to get a sense of the details as it is longer than what I normally post. You can download it here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF. Please feel free to leave your comments on this page in the “Join the conversation” section.