Which Freedom Are You Living In?

Today is Canada Day. For those of you living south of “The Great White North,” it is the day Canadians set off fireworks and celebrate their birth as a nation. Clothes sporting red and white or a maple leaf are the norm. With the day off from work and barbeques flaring up, you’d think it was the Fourth of July.

Of course, that’s just a few days away. July 4 will see a similar celebration as Canada’s cousin, the United States, enjoys its own celebration. Fireworks, barbeques, and red, white and blue. As an American abroad, it’s fun to enjoy both days. I even have both flags flying on my porch.

Though few tend to mention it, these two days are very different. The holiday I grew up with is “Independence Day” while my current home but not native land celebrates “Dominion Day.” Independence and Dominion are not the same. In fact, if you mix them up, you’ll find yourself in a big mess.

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Founding the American Nation

Today we celebrate the Independence of the United States of America. With the signing of a powerfully worded document thirteen English colonies broke the bonds of brotherhood and rule that connected them to a people across the Atlantic Ocean.

But when did the seeds of a unified nation independent from its British heritage first take root? You might be surprised. Here are some lines from a document written and signed more than 100 years before the Declaration of Independence. Take special notice of the reasons cited by the colonists for coming to America.

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