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Understanding the Biblical Blessing (part 2)

Every good parent wants to see their children do well. They want to see them thrive in their lives, not having to struggle, finding success and being rewarded for every effort. When parents know Christ they want their children to walk in God’s favor and receive God’s blessing.

In an earlier post we talked about when God began blessing those He had chosen to be His people. God blessed Abraham and continued to bless the following generations. A practice that has caught a lot of attention over the years is that of parents giving blessings to their children, asking God to bless that child’s life. Parents are encouraged to bless their children, regardless of their age or stage of life.

But if we take a look at the biblical record for bestowing the blessing of God, we find a different pattern. The timing of the blessing is crucial. It could be that parents are bringing harm on themselves while they are giving blessings to their children.

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