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Book Review: After the Hangover: the Conservatives’ Road to Recovery

The Conservative movement in America curiously finds itself in the spotlight again. After the May’s primaries, several career politicians are finding themselves with nothing to do after January 2011. Prior to that, the state of Massachusetts, long considered a Democrat stronghold, elected a Republican senator to fill the vacant seat of the late Ted Kennedy. People are talking. Questions are being asked. Television and radio news agencies are buzzing. Life seems to be flowing in the veins of the conservative movement again. Life some might attribute to the caffeine from the Tea Party.

Maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe Conservatism in America is following a pattern or redeveloping, evolving. Since its shaping in the mid-twentieth century, the movement has had its ups and downs. In 1994 the Republicans took control of Congress, but lost it again in 2006. A Conservative sat in The Oval Office for five out of seven terms between 1981 and 2009. But since election night 2008, connecting the Democratic presidential victory with its congressional victor two years prior, political pundits cry the end of conservatism on the horizon. Enter this book by R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr: After the Hangover: the Conservatives’ Road to Recovery.

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Why Obama Might Be President

[No, I’m not taking sides publically one way or the other.  I have voted already (with absentee ballot), but I’m not giving that away, either.  In this post, I will speak as part of a collective, though my opinions or experience may not be the same as the generalizations made.]

Many evangelical Christians support John McCain, and would be devastated if Barack Obama were to win the White House next week.  It doesn’t sound as if there is a great exodus planned in that event, as many hardcore Democrats threaten every election to “run for the border” of Canada should a Republican take office.  Still, the disappointment of “losing” the top office in the country to such a staunch liberal would eventually manifest itself in our pulpits, our magazines, books, and coffee house conversations.  All of this leads me to the number one reason I believe Barack Obama might win on November 4th.

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