Audio: Freedom is NOT Lawlessness

Part 9. When the local community hears a prison full of inmates was released, they hide in fear of what might happen to them. The Church has a similar fear of those who claim freedom in Christ. We need to remember that a life of freedom is not lawlessness, but is forever subject to a greater law.


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God or Sin? A Choice that Cannot be Avoided

Every life has to make a crucial decision. It is the most important decision you will ever make. No, it isn’t your major in university or the person you are going to marry. It isn’t even the church you will attend. The biggest decision you will make in life is whether you will follow God’s Word or choose any one of the countless other paths in life.


This decision doesn’t stop to weigh all of the ins and outs of each path. There are no reconnaissance missions to scope them out for a distance and bring back a report on each one. No graph exists to organize the bumpiest roads from the smoother ones. You won’t find a color-coded report highlighting roads with more or less traffic on them. It’s a simple choice. You can choose God’s road or any other road. The only road with a unique destination is the one God calls us to. All of the others, regardless of promised joys, successes, accomplishments, or gratifications, all end up together.

My purpose here, though, isn’t to draw lines between the roads. God’s Word does a very clear job of that. Instead, I think we need to be reminded about the reality of the decision itself. We may find it uncomfortable to talk about, and we might even try to imagine that it doesn’t exist. But this choice is real, and we have to keep making it everyday.

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Audio: When We Find Ourselves Divided

Part 3. Even the smallest difference in opinion can divide deeply, whether in politics or in the Church. We sit like armies, each one camped upon a hill, with the valley of war between us. Though we start down the Narrow Road together in joy, we drift to one of two sides. This week we learn what separated us and what each side has chosen to fight for.


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Sin Is More Than An Event

This week I preached about David and his sin with Bathsheba. If you read the story in 2 Samuel 11, you’ll find out that there is more than one act of sin in the story. There is a series of sinful acts that David adds to a difficult situation before God reveals his heart to him.

There is a very important truth here to recognize about sin’s impact on our lives. Sin is much more than event that comes for a moment and is left in the past. It is better described as a continuing path.

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