What if God’s Love is NOT Enough (to save you)?

“Jesus loves me, this I know.” Did you read the words or sing them? Those of us who grew up in church are familiar with the song we learned a long time ago. It was probably the first thing we absorbed in church. Jesus loves me. God loves me.

God’s love is a one of the most central themes of Scripture. Some would say that without the love of God, He would not have created the universe or put humanity within it.

Another staple of early learning in Christianity is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…” The path to true life is founded on Heaven’s love. Imagine what would not exist without the motivation of that love: forgiveness, redemption, reconciliation, relationship, purpose, mission, spiritual gifts and fruit, hope, everlasting life.

But is it really enough that God loves us? Is this inexplicable connection which breaks through time and space enough to fill us with the “blessed assurance” that Jesus and His promises are mine? Will God’s love alone save me, or you?

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Salvation Means a Changed Way of Thinking and Living

This is the last of three posts centered around how we depend on autopilot settings in heart and mind to help us get through the decisions required by everyday life.

The first post opened the possibility to these underlying settings. We rarely recognize them but without them we could paralyzed by the multitude of options we face daily.

The second post showed how we were made in God’s image but sin has warped the way He created us. Scripture tells us “the wages of sin is death”. Our hearts and minds are made faulty and operate contrary to how God made us.

God offers us a new way to live and it involves a change in our hearts and minds. We have the opportunity to walk away from the destructive programming leading us astray and instead return to God’s design for daily life.

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The Importance of Remembering Where You Started

I like driving. My wife would love to have a chauffeur. Together we make a perfect pair. I drive and she tells me where to go. Every once in a while we’ll be driving down the road and I’ll forget where we were headed. “Where are we going?” I’ll ask.

It doesn’t always hit me right away. I suddenly  realize my autopilot has kicked because my brain has drifted elsewhere. If I’m lucky I will figure it out in time to get there without any trouble. Other times I have to pull into a parking lot or driveway to turn around so I can get back to the place I was supposed to go.

A dangerous road to forget where you’re going is the Narrow Road of the Christian life. This special road with fewer travelers on it leads to the eternal life promised to us as we believe in Jesus. But it isn’t enough to keep our eyes on the destination ahead of us. There is another point in the journey that Scripture encourages us to remember and hold on to until we reach the end.

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Audio: When We Find Ourselves Divided

Part 3. Even the smallest difference in opinion can divide deeply, whether in politics or in the Church. We sit like armies, each one camped upon a hill, with the valley of war between us. Though we start down the Narrow Road together in joy, we drift to one of two sides. This week we learn what separated us and what each side has chosen to fight for.