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Searching for One’s Self – 3

I was convinced that just two posts would take care of the thoughts I had when it comes to searching for one’s self, but as I prepared to close that second post, a thought came to mind. Many of us have read in Scripture and heard from the pulpit that when we come to believe in Jesus, we live from that point forward “in Christ.”

There are many promises to the believer, being in Christ. I once taught a six-week study on some of them. But I think that we have to be careful when we talk about being in Christ. If we were to take the spiritual word picture literally, to where we would clothe ourselves in Jesus Christ, would it be a one-size-fits-all situation? Let’s take a moment and talk about that.

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Choose the Cross

As I toy around with ideas for my next writing project, I tend to start elaborating on some of the concepts running through my mind. Here is one of those “start-up” ramblings.

So often we bypass the Cross in our lives.  Sometimes we don’t mean to, sometimes we do.  Take for instance, a benign occurrence one day.  I received two free devotional booklets from an international publisher of devotionals, the kind they send out in an effort to get pastors to purchase a case of them for their congregations for the days leading up to Easter.  A friend of mine was with me when I opened it up, and I offered him one.  One was titled after the blessings of the Cross, and the other for blessings for day to day.  I honestly don’t know why he chose the latter of the two, but you have to wonder how many decisions we make that avoid the Cross each day.
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