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Book Review: “One Big Thing” by Phil Cooke

onebigthingNo one was created to be mediocre. God does not intend for us to sit on the sidelines or to be a copy of someone else. We are all unique, and uniquely created for greatness. We have passions and ideas, and they don’t fit into each other’s molds.

So why do we feel so forgotten? Why do some shine while others feel inept and invisible? We have lost sight of ourselves, our true selves. We have settled for next to nothing when anything is possible.

We can achieve the greatness that awaits us. Our purpose, our destiny can be fulfilled. It is possible to see our dreams and visions realized. There aren’t so  many voices or hurdles to our goals if we focus and determine to make one thing happen. One Big Thing.

I personally enjoy Phil Cooke’s writings. His heart comes through and it shows that his goal is to see us succeed. We could be a church or non-profit, a huge organization or one individual. One Big Thing is about finding the one thing you are meant to do, that you can do better than anyone else, that you won’t be content unless you do. And it’s about putting in the work to see it accomplished.

Oh yes, it’s going to take work. It takes honesty and authenticity, knowing who you are and who you aren’t. You have to know your audience. You have to be willing to work harder than everyone else, because your work will bring up everyone around you. And you have to follow through on every promise and expectation.

But the greatest truth about seeing your One Big Thing fulfilled is how it is the fulfillment of who you are. It isn’t “about becoming something [you] aren’t … it’s really about discovering what [you] truly are” (p. 60).

One Big Thing is very easy to read. Some chapters are nice and short, but they impart a thirst for what is next. While Cooke does get into some statistics and business talk once in a while, it always comes back to the main point.

My eldest daughter is in Grade 8 and trying to figure out what she wants to do for the rest of her life. The first chapters of the book speak to me to help her, and this book can be a huge help to her and to me for her. It can help if you’re in your forties and sick of bouncing around the job market without a purpose. We all have One Big Thing, we just have to find it and pursue it.

If you don’t know what your Thing is, read this book. It also refers to Cooke’s earlier books, and you might start to consider reading them. You won’t be disappointed, as they are each powerful on their own topic.

It’s time to focus. Men and women in times past knew who they were and pursued their Thing with passion. We need to do the same, pursuing what awaits us and going about the work in such as to really make a difference and find personal fulfillment.