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New Christmas Bible Study: “The Babe is the Lamb”

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It’s November, which means that it is time for a new Christmas-themed Bible study. It is written as three sessions, for use leading up to Christmas. This study was originally used for a midweek Bible study. You could also use it as a small group discussion starter or a personal study.

To view the study, you can use the embedded reader below, or download an Adobe PDF file from or

About this Study

Why did Jesus have to come? What purpose was there in God taking on flesh? As it is often said, Jesus was born to die. Understanding the coming of Jesus to Earth comes from an understanding of His sacrifice.

Jesus is called “the Lamb of God” at the opening of His ministry and again in the Book of Revelation. Learn why a sacrifice was required and what Jesus accomplished as God’s perfect Lamb.


Are You Afraid to be Known as a “Small Church Pastor”?

As pastors we joke about those awkward encounters at annual conventions and conferences where we are asked how our church is doing. If the question comes from someone we know, someone we relate with, it is an easy question. But if it comes from a pastor or leader we are meeting for the first time, it is a way to evaluate the future of your new friendship.


We could talk with a lot of superlatives about how great our worship times have been, how powerful our prayer services are, and how anointed we have felt in the pulpit. But most of the time the real answer people want to know is better related to the question, “So, how many people are in your church?” If you are like me, you do not want to answer that question. It is a terrible question. The size of a congregation puts thoughts into a person’s head about ability, value and sanity.

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Will You Serve Even If You Aren’t Chosen To Lead?

Life in the church can be complicated. It is painfully obvious, even to the unchurched. It is perhaps one of the reasons so many will visit a church one Sunday morning and then never return.

The church can at times be most complicated to those who feel they have something to give. A woman buys leftover children’s ministry materials in a closeout sale. A young man feels gifted in music and wants to lead the congregation in worship. A businessman believes his savvy and experience should earn him a seat at the leadership table.

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But what if the desired contributions and roles that these folks hope for never materialize? Or what if someone else’s contributions and gifts are chosen instead of theirs?

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Are You A Leader?

It is a topic we hear about almost incessantly. Churches are seeking, developing and empowering leaders. Your boss at work is looking for a leader on the team.

Many of us decide whether to read a book or an article, to download a podcast or to have our ears open at all based on whether we believe we are leaders. Our answer to the question, “Am I a/the leader?” is powerful. And it has more impact on our lives other than which section to browse through at the bookstore.

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New FREE Resource: “See”

Our church began studying the Seven Churches of Revelation in the Spring of this year. The study has grown and continued with great discussion, enthusiasm and interest. In fact, we are still studying the first three chapters of Revelation.

The first part of our study was a look into the vision of Jesus in Revelation One. Too often we jump straight to Chapters Two and Three when we talk about the churches. Jesus’ appearance in Chapter One was meant to impact the readers of the letters, showing Him in power and position at the right hand of the Father’s throne.

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My L.I.F.T. Experience

300x250_WebBannerGrowth. It is one of the seven indicators that something is alive. We grow physically and we grow spiritually. One of my commitments to myself and the people that I lead is that I will continue to grow personally and professionally.

But how do you do that? Do you read everything you can get your hands on, whether new or used? Yes. Do you travel all over the continent to hear every speaker at every conference? Do you sign up for a Master’s or Doctorate program at a seminary where they have residence requirements, not to mention tuition and other costs? Now we’re talking about time, finance and location factors that a great majority of pastors cannot work within. At least, I can’t.

This summer I was invited to take part in an incredible program from the Willow Creek Association: the Leadership Institute for Transformation (LIFT). If your situation is like mine where you want to grow, are looking for something timely and relevant, but you have limited resources (or even if you have lots of time and finances), LIFT may be just what you need.

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