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Book Review: After the Hangover: the Conservatives’ Road to Recovery

The Conservative movement in America curiously finds itself in the spotlight again. After the May’s primaries, several career politicians are finding themselves with nothing to do after January 2011. Prior to that, the state of Massachusetts, long considered a Democrat stronghold, elected a Republican senator to fill the vacant seat of the late Ted Kennedy. People are talking. Questions are being asked. Television and radio news agencies are buzzing. Life seems to be flowing in the veins of the conservative movement again. Life some might attribute to the caffeine from the Tea Party.

Maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe Conservatism in America is following a pattern or redeveloping, evolving. Since its shaping in the mid-twentieth century, the movement has had its ups and downs. In 1994 the Republicans took control of Congress, but lost it again in 2006. A Conservative sat in The Oval Office for five out of seven terms between 1981 and 2009. But since election night 2008, connecting the Democratic presidential victory with its congressional victor two years prior, political pundits cry the end of conservatism on the horizon. Enter this book by R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr: After the Hangover: the Conservatives’ Road to Recovery.

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An inside look at author Sheryl Young

I’ve recently found myself journeying down several side roads at once. One of these roads is a growing burden for God’s chosen people, the people of Israel. So I’ve started collecting and reading books about the Jews, who they are, their impact on the world, and what it means to relate with them as Christians.

I recently met author and blogger Sheryl Young through the world of When Sheryl’s husband gave his life to Jesus, she thought, “How can I, a girl from a Jewish family, be married to a Christian?” She set out to prove the Gospel wrong. But the moment she really studied the Old Testament and dared to compare it with the New, everything changed. She fell in love with “Yeshua,” saw her Jewish heritage with new appreciative eyes, and realized the two could fit perfectly together.

Sheryl has written a book, What Every Christian Should Know About the Jewish People. She answers questions such as: Why is it imperative for every Christian to gain a fresh, love-filled perspective toward the Jewish people today? What makes a person consider him or herself Jewish? Do Jewish people really need to be converted?

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The Christian Atheist

One thing I do a lot of is reading. I also like to put book reviews here on this site. I don’t usually do what I’m doing here, though, and that’s talking about a book that has just hit shelves, and I haven’t read it yet.

“The Christian Atheist” is written by Craig Groeschel, pastor of multi-site and internet church, Life Church ( In the promotional material I’ve seen online today, Craig calls himself a “recovering Christian Atheist”. At the bottom of the post you can watch a promo by Craig on the book.

The concept for “The Christian Atheist” is that an overwhelming percentage of North Americans claim to be Christian. But do they really live as if they believe God exists and salvation is found in Christ? We hear it, read it, repeat it, but are those who profess Christ (“Christians”) who live as though God does not exist (“atheists”)?

My Dad told me about a book he picked up by a popular author. He started reading it and almost put it aside because it challenged and convicted him. I expect “The Christian Atheist” to have the same effect on us as we read it. Of course, if we can’t be convicted by the truth, we’ve got a deeper problem, right? Not everyone goes looking for a challenging word, but I think we as the people of God might want to start.

If you’ve picked up the book and read it, leave your comments here, or post a review at:

You can get more information, check out the blog and download a sample chapter at:

And now, the clip from Craig Groeschel:

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Book Review: A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip

Have you ever wondered what the phrase “multi-site church” really means? Maybe you’ve heard and thought it might be something that you’d like to employ in your own church. I didn’t know much about it, and then I saw this video (below) that led me to the book A Multi-Site Church Road Trip. Take a look at this clip. If your interest is piqued, click the link to read my review of the book.

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Book Review: “The Pursuit of Holiness”

God tells us in Scripture, “Be holy, for I am holy.” Many of us struggle each and every day with what it means to be holy. Do we follow a list of do’s and dont’s? If so, whose list do we follow? If not, how do we live holy? “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges helps answer these questions and does from a realistic and Scripture viewpoint.

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Book Review: “It Came From Within” by Andy Stanley

“…each of us lives from the heart. And the health of your heart will be reflected in the quality of your life” (204). While this quote comes from late in Andy Stanley’s It Came From Within: the shocking truth of what lurks in the heart (Multnomah, 2006), it is the premise for the book. In his easy style, Andy Stanley grips you from page with interest in what can make your heart sick, delve into Scripture to find the truth of what is there and God’s prescription to defeat the monster(s) within.

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