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Living Second: Vain

Imagine what it would be like to have access to any and everything you want. No fee is too great. No location too remote. Don’t know how to do it? You have the time and the tutors to learn it. Wonder if it is legal or moral? All restrictions are out the window and the red tape is put through the shredder.


What would you do? Where would you go? This is much larger than your “bucket list.” It isn’t what to do before your final moments, but what to fill your living days with. Projects, travels, people, acquisitions. You have your pick of the world. What will you choose? What will you leave behind?

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Book Review: “Erasing Hell” by Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle

erasing_hell_coverThere has been a lot of discussion over who said what and what the Bible says about Hell. If you have taken note of the discussion, or are just curious, this book will interest you.

But there is far more at stake than the “Hell” debate, and Chan & Sprinkle make it clear right from the beginning. This is about more than doctrine; it is about the destinies of human beings.

Erasing Hell is not a direct response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins book that started the recent rounds of debate. While Chan & Preston refer to Bell in a couple of chapters, it is not a Bell-bashing book. It is an investigation into the biblical description of Hell.

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Eyes on the Prize

It’s the “dog days of summer” now, and though baseball is making it’s way to the playoffs, most other professional sports are on hiatus.  In the (American) football world, the CFL just recently hit the regular season, while the NFL just started its preseason.  The NHL and NBA are on their off-season, while the WNBA is getting going again.  There is talk of drafts, free agents, trades, contracts . . .

But what is the goal of every game, every player transaction, every contract and every move?  To win a championship.  In the world of sports, it is easy to identify the prize, and equally obvious what it means to keep your eyes on the prize.

We as Christians also have a “prize.”  There is a goal that we should be living for.  That prize is Heaven.

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Selling Eternity

The main reason for starting this series (one that seems to almost be eternal) was that I started to think about what our picture of eternity is truly like, and whether or not we as Christians actually want to go there.

Of course, our first response is that we want to go there, seeing as the alternative is anything but pleasant.  We’ve sold Heaven strictly as the alternative to Hell, and I think that we have failed to truly understand what it is all about and that we should truly long for “those pearly gates.”

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Eternal Roles 4

There is just one more role that we should examine.  If you have questions from the previous post, this might actually help answer some of those for you.  The basis of our ability to rule/judge in eternity is because of this last role.

If you thought that these were acts reserved for God alone, we have to take one thing into consideration.  For we know that Christ is King and Judge, and He receives those roles Himself because He is the Son of God.  But we, too, are sons, adopted as if we were born of the Father Himself.  Therefore we are joint-heirs with Christ.

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Eternal Roles 3

We’ve mentioned that we will worship in eternity, because the pictures of the Throne Room in Heaven that are found in Revelation all contain an element of worship, whether by Creation or by what is believed to signify the saints of God.  We also read about the Warrior, who must take up his elements of warfare, be trained and skilled in them, so that when the times for battle arise, we can fight alongside our King who is counting on us to wage war with Him against our enemy.  The third role I’d like to discuss is that of the Ruler/Judge. 

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