The Spirit of Truth

Part 2. After the Spirit brings the fullness of God’s presence, He brings and teaches Truth. Not everyone readily accepts Truth, though we desperately need it. If we aren’t careful, we will reject it, and in doing so, offer ourselves to disaster.



Four powerful lessons for life’s difficult days

In a previous post, I shared about mountains and valleys in our lives. The ups and downs, the good days and bad days, can be likened to the rise of mountaintops and fall of valleys. God doesn’t disappear from day to day, bringing us a good day and then leaving us on our own. When we believe in Jesus Christ, God is with us and in us, through the good and the bad.

Because we think of the mountains as good days in life and with God, and the valleys are our bad days, we have a natural desire to stay on the mountaintops. When we struggle or face pain and troubles, we talk about how we are “low” and want to get back to the good spot, back to the top where everything is better.

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Audio: Stuffed, What are We Full of?

Everyone gets hungry and hunger always comes back. Hunger is uncomfortable, it hurts. In our world there are millions of ways to be filled. Sometimes we even want to be filled with God. But when our hands our full of the pursuits we’ve chosen to fill the hole inside of us, or when we’re stuffed of things other than God, how can He pour the power and presence of Heaven we desperately need?