The Spirit of Truth

Part 2. After the Spirit brings the fullness of God’s presence, He brings and teaches Truth. Not everyone readily accepts Truth, though we desperately need it. If we aren’t careful, we will reject it, and in doing so, offer ourselves to disaster.


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The Fluffy Snow Christian

Today I woke up to my least favorite sound on a winter morning. The snow plow. And it was loud. It sounded like it was ripping off bumpers as it drove down the street. Then it came a second time. Something in my head said that I was in big trouble this morning. So I rolled over, picked up my phone and dialed the school storm line. If the kids do not have to school, I can wait a little bit to shovel. But school was on. It was time to get up.


I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and started downstairs. As I reached for my boots I noticed that the dog had made it outside this morning, but no one let him back in. Opening the door I stumbled on the best part of my snowy morning. It was just fluff. You see, I have glasses and I need to update my prescription. I looked out the bedroom window after the plow may his second trip this morning and saw what looked like six inches of snow. But if you know anything about shoveling snow, you know that six inches of fluff is a lot easier to move around than six inches of a regular snowfall, or worse, a “wet” one.

In Bible College we had a way of describing the writing of those students who knew how to spin a line. They were often the ones who waited until the last minute to write their papers, and still managed to get a high grade. We used to say that those papers written with excellent vocabulary and logic but no substance from research were “all fluff and no stuff.” The six inches of snow that welcomed me to the driveway was all fluff and no stuff. And sometimes there are Christians who are “all fluff and no stuff.”

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Are You A Fact Checker Or A Weed Spreader?

While preparing for Sunday’s message, I am researching the biology of a biblical plant. I want to make sure that I don’t get stuck saying something about this plant that isn’t true, especially if I am gleaning a spiritual message from it.

In our social media crazed age, how quick are we to check facts before we share the latest news or information with someone? Are we really interested in knowing and sharing the truth, or are we too moved by emotion to take a few minutes to see if our what is in front of us is verifiable?

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