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The Sound of Heaven

A good friend of mine in life and ministry, Andrew Duncan, posted these thoughts on his Facebook a few days ago. I truly appreciate Andrew, and am blessed to be included in the long list of musicians and worship leaders he has ministered with. Besides his involvement in music, Andrew travels and speaks, and God follows him wherever he goes, even onto the Facebook chat room. Be encouraged and challenged by his thoughts on “The Sound of Heaven.”

(P.S. Thanks, Andrew, for letting me repost this here.)

So I’ve been in the Kingdom now for almost a decade and I must say it’s been a sweet ride. With playing in various and mixed denominations there’s been a consistent topic that keeps coming up. The topic that we aren’t supposed to be receiving during worship, we are supposed to be giving God everything we’ve got. To a small degree I agree; on the most part, forget it.

In order for proper Levites to help the Holy Spirit lead others into worship, we first must create the musical atmosphere that Heaven can say amen to. If this atmosphere is missed and an order of service takes precedence over the spirit moving, we have not done the proper duties as Levitical worshippers.

Also, we must be attentive to the mood of Holy Spirit. Sometimes its fire and power, and sometimes it’s relaxing and refreshing. Also, it can be revelating, where the spirit of revelation is in the room and Heaven is pouring in powerfully or us going up, either way. Holy Spirit must be listened to for the manner in which Papa needs to move. So in this case, we must receive.

Another area is that of the actual music. This is where many miss the concept of sound verses song. We must be focused on the sound from Heaven not playing the song by the artist.

I’ve played with multiple churches and multiple leaders that want to sound like the next Roy Fields, or Jason Upton, Delirious and miss the point of worshipping live and playing to the Fathers heart. The creative grace given to create sound and release Heaven.

As much as I enjoy these artists and understand the concept of structure of songs, the songs are great but sometimes are played without anointing but only for popularity’s sake, and that’s ok because Jesus is being worshipped. Popular songs are great as long as the religious spirit doesn’t grab them and turn songs of popularity into theme songs of worship that are only the ones to be played.

There have been times where a team I’ve played with had 6 songs on their list and in 15 mints we were done all of them, and it was brutal the whole time. Then the next week, same group, 3 songs and we played 2 of them and it lasted almost an hour and half. HOW? You may ask. Because we were listening to the moving of the Holy Spirit and the spontaneous/ creative atmosphere took over and it was nuts and very full and rich. Songs are great but they don’t last unless the anointing is behind them.

With the Anointing and Amen from Heaven comes the working of Heaven.

I have lost count of the people that have been healed/ delivered from ailments or bondages simply from the playing of the music. Much like David and the anointing Papa put on him for music. It’s the same thing and we don’t need to act under false humility about it, but at the same time not get prideful about it, just expect it to happen and let the natural supernatural events take place. Don’t force it, just let it happen.

With the healings, certain teams and I have enjoyed the moments where the Angel feathers have showed up and fallen in our meetings. Nothing means more to me than seeing Heaven enjoy the music that made due to hearts that are steadfast after Him. If we are ushering in the Presence of Heaven, we’ll get the presence of the Heavenly Host amongst us. Now this doesn’t mean that these manifestations of Heaven such as Angel Feathers show up all the time but it is encouraging when they do.

Being a drummer and moderately stable bass player I have played under many worship leaders and nothing stirs me more than see a leader help stir the expectation of a local body. Once the expectation is up and we are being led by the Spirit, Heaven will consume our atmosphere and Jesus just releases who HE is and we are thrown into Heavenly bliss and to be honest, we don’t have to do much besides go with His flow.

So it is important that we are able to hear and see where the spirit is leading. If we are not going to usher the presence of Jesus, what are we doing? If we aren’t expecting Holy Spirit to show up why do we attend a service?

So I encourage us, when we are leading or in a group that is releasing the music to a local body, before you practice or play a note, get together with your group and ask and see what mood Holy Spirit is in and from that answer, He will give you the songs to sing and the sound that is needing to come out to fire up the body, melt hearts and release the Glory of Jesus into the room and over His people.

“But our practices are 3 or 4 days away from Sunday, how will we know what He wants to do?” He will tell you. We just need to be obedient to Papa’s heart and feel how Holy Spirit is leading.



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  1. I just love this….that is exactly I how I feel too. Worship has been very dear to me and because it is a special time that I can close myself off from everything else and focus directly on God, my Father. His Spirit moves in at that time and does wonderful things if we allow HIM. Sometime, unfortunately, God is left out and it is just a song service and people just sing the song once or twice like they practiced and it is over. At those times, I feel like we lost something….and we did.

    Keep up the great work, Chris! I am looking forward to seeing all the great things God is doing through you. What a blessing to count you and Jessica as friends. We love ya’ll.

    Laura Lee

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