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The Sound of Heaven

A good friend of mine in life and ministry, Andrew Duncan, posted these thoughts on his Facebook a few days ago. I truly appreciate Andrew, and am blessed to be included in the long list of musicians and worship leaders he has ministered with. Besides his involvement in music, Andrew travels and speaks, and God follows him wherever he goes, even onto the Facebook chat room. Be encouraged and challenged by his thoughts on “The Sound of Heaven.”

(P.S. Thanks, Andrew, for letting me repost this here.)

So I’ve been in the Kingdom now for almost a decade and I must say it’s been a sweet ride. With playing in various and mixed denominations there’s been a consistent topic that keeps coming up. The topic that we aren’t supposed to be receiving during worship, we are supposed to be giving God everything we’ve got. To a small degree I agree; on the most part, forget it.

In order for proper Levites to help the Holy Spirit lead others into worship, we first must create the musical atmosphere that Heaven can say amen to. If this atmosphere is missed and an order of service takes precedence over the spirit moving, we have not done the proper duties as Levitical worshippers.

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